The Dirty Pickup Truck

A few years ago, one summer afternoon, I was driving along a highway in Houston, TX. At that time I was new to the city and did not know many people in the area, so I was always cautious when I went out as I wouldn’t know who to call if I was in need.

As my car glided over the road, I heard a weird sound and my car started wobbling. Oh boy…the dreaded flat tire. I slowly pulled over to the right side of the road and parked. I didn’t know how to change a flat tire so I started to get worried.

Before I had two thoughts in my mind, I saw a man in an old pick-up truck pull up behind me. He looked older. Maybe in his 60s and had a dirty white t-shirt on with dirty blue jeans. His face looked particularly bright despite the dirt on it. He looked quite eager to help and gestured for me to pop my trunk open. I did so and he immediately started to replace the bad tire.

I was shell-shocked because I didn’t expect anyone to stop and help me especially on a busy highway. It was as if God knew I would have a flat tire and He sent help which came right on time. I kept noticing that his face was especially bright and he looked content. He never said a word to me and I found this quite eery.

When the man was done, he put the equipment back in the trunk, waved to me that he was finished, and was on his way. I was still shocked by all this and began to gather my strength to start my own car down the highway.

As I descended down the highway bridge, I looked back to see which way the truck would head. I looked in my rearview mirror for 2 seconds, then looked ahead to focus on driving for another 2 secs. I looked again in the rearview mirror for 2 secs and forward for 2 secs.

I did this for a while and this is the honest truth – the truck literally faded into the rest of the cars! It didn’t it go to left or to the right lane. It just slowed down gradually and faded out in the oncoming vehicles.

I don’t know who that man was or where he came from, but I believe he was an angel sent from God to help me. What I learned from this experience is that God truly loves me and is always watching over me. Even when I was in a situation where I didn’t know too many people around who could help me, He knew that and therefore prepared help for me when I needed it. I love you Lord.

Written by Anonymous

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